Tuesday, 13 April 2010

The Baby Boom

Last year must've been a quiet TV year as the amount of women I know who are pregnant or have just had babies is incredible. Her's the extensive list.
My friend Stacey -had Eliana Dec 28th
My friend Ashley - had Emily 28th Jan
My sisters friend Kelly - had Charlotte mid Feb
One of the parents of one of the kids I look after - had Zak 23rd March
Family friend Becky - due any day now
Sisters Friend Mel - Due at the end of the month
Family Friend Louise - Due Mid May
Sisters friend Jo - Due Mid June
Me - due July 4th

Thats 9 between Christmas and July! And last Summer two of my friends had babies (Memphis 20/7/09 & Jay 26/8/09). What is with us all? We all seem to be at it like rabbits!

I wonder who is next?

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  1. Its the domino effect I hear - once one person has one, then all the friends around start having babies. We're also apparently in the midst of a baby boom. My friends too are all busy reproducing!